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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 23, 2014 1:00am-1:31am JST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here is a look at some of the stories we are following this hour. joko declared winner of the election but rival calling the vote a massive fraud. israeli troops are expanding their offensive in the gaza strip as the death toll now exceeds 580 people. >> the remains of people killed
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in the downing of a malaysia airlines flight in eastern ukraine have been transferred for forensic study. a man who says he represents the common people is on course to become indonesia's next leader. electoral officials announced joko idodo as winner of the election. nhk world reports fr. >> reporter: all of the country's previous leaders were from military or wealthy elite. he remains close to the common people. the results announced tuesday were for the elections that took place july 9. the electoral joko widodo won
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53.15% of the votes. his rival took 48.5%. joko is 53. he gained wide support from the poor and the young while promising economic growth and better social security. joko is from a humble background. all country's previous leaders were also -- with the population of 250 million, indonesia is southeast asia's largest economy. it has enjoyed annual economic growth of around 6% in recent years. more and more companies are coming to the country to invest.
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but there are concerns about the future. in january indonesia imports and exports affecting to slow down. >> one of joko's main challenges will be improving infrastructure to support stable economic growth. on tuesday there was a complaint of large scale misconduct by the election commission and others. the campaign said it rejects the election results. >> translator: we withdraw from the process that has been underway. >> reporter: the election process could be strong in turmoil including supporters of both candidates.
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u.n. secretary general is visiting israel to try to end the violence in the gaza strip. he pressed israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for a cease fire. israeli military leaders announced they launched an offensive in the eastern district. they say they destroyed 66 entrances and exits. health officials in gaza say 585 people have been killed. many have fled their homes as the fighting intensifies. earlier i spoke with nhk world for more on the situation in gaza. >> violence between israel and hamas have entered its second week. israeli aircraft and tanks continue targeting dozens of
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target overnight in gaza. these attacks have pushed a number of casualties to nearly 600. palestinian officials tell us that this number includes civilians and children. they say earlier on monday an israeli tank shelled into a hospital in central gaza killing four and wounding 70. footage of some areas where the bombs were dropped show huge craters and destroyed buildings. more than 100,000 people have evacuated. they evacuated in homes to shelters such as u.n.-run schools. but evacuating from gaza is indeed difficult and there is really no place to run for. israel has an explanation for the rising number of civilian casualties. it says hamas uses civilians as
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human shields. izral is paying the price. an official confirmed one soldier is missing and close to 30 are killed. >> we have had two weeks of heightened violence and now high level diplomatic efforts are being made to end it. what are the chances of a cease-fire soon? >> reporter: u.n. secretary-general ban ki moon and u.n. secretary of state john kerry have met in cairo to push for an end to the fighting. they expressed concerns about the rising civilian death toll. at the same time they have urged hamas to accept an egyptian-drafted cease-fire. but hamas is insisting that israel lift its siege of gaza first and release its prisoners. so things might continue for some time. back in 2009 when israel launched an offensive in gaza,
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the operation ran for three weeks. compared to then, hamas appears to have increased its arsenal of rockets and other weapons. israeli defense force aims to stop the rockets being launched into israel and destroy hamas's underground tunnels. so analysts say that they expect the operation could continue at least as long as last time, if not longer. remains of the victims from the crash of the malaysia airlines jet in ukraine have been delivered to kharkiv. international forensic experts are gathered there. the flight was carrying 298 people from amsterdam to kuala lumpur. ukraine ian officials finished
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salvage operations monday. no survivors were found. pro-russian separatists control the crash site. they allowed the transfer of the bodies to kharkiv four days after the crash. forensic experts from five countries along with interpol are there to inspect the remains. the bodies are expected to be moved to the netherlands. families will be able to identify the victims there. more than 190 on the plane were dutch citizens. the pro-russian separatists also handed over the flight data and cockpit voice recorders to malaysian officials. both devices are said to be in good condition. the separatists said they agreed to a cease-fire in areas around the crash site. they said it was to allow inspectors safe access. foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to decide how to react to the disaster. some members are calling for more sanctions against russia.
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leaders from the u.s. and other nations accuse separatists shooting down the jet with missile provided by moscow. >> i think there will be a number of possibilities. if i say to you go forward they will and must. >> ashton said their top priority is for the return of the bodies to their home countries. she indicated that the eu would call on russian leaders to cooperate in further investigations. the controversy surrounding the crash of flight h mh 17 has triggered protests in kuala lumpur. the russian ambassador to malaysia held a press conference on tuesday to refute accusations that moscow provided missiles to russian separatists.
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nhk world reports. >> reporter: asked russian government to use so the separatists group can cooperate with international investigation team. more than 100 people gathered on tuesday afternoon in front of the russian embassy in kuala lumpur. >> let us go to the evidence and then we will know exactly who has shot down the plane and who is responsible for it. >> reporter: at a news conference the russian ambassador said armed separatists in eastern ukraine did not possess weapons cable of shooting down a plane at an a altitude of 10,000 meters and denies the charge that russia supplied such weapons. >> i want to make it clear. in russia we are not playing these games that our western counter parts is engaging very
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much into, blaming someone and accusing some parties without any evidence. >> reporter: a reporter mentioned claims the u.s. pointed fingers at pro-russian militants and responded by measuring u.s. claims before the war. she said washington had yet to show any evidence of weapons of mass destruction belonging to the regime of saddam hussein. in a separate development spoke by phone with the leader of the pro-russian separatist and said international investigators would be guaranteed safe access to the crash site. >> i must stress that although agreement an agreement has been reached there remain a number of steps required before it is completed. there is work still to be done,
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work which relies on continued communication in good faith. >> reporter: 43 malaysia nationals were among the victims. malaysians are clearly angry as the country still reels from the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 over the indian ocean. indonesia's economy is growing but so is the number of so-called street children. the capital jakarta is home to more than 7,000. why is the number of street children growing in a country that continues to get richer? nhk world reports on this paradox. ♪ >> reporter: it's midnight. children appear in jakarta's
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entertainment district, singing on the streets, earning small change. ♪ >> reporter: this child is 16. he has gone back and forth between his home and the street since he was 5. he sleeps here most nights. >>translator: i'm happy. i have many friends here. >> reporter: it used to be difficult for the kids to earn even the bare minimum for food, but now people are more affluent and have become more generation -- generous with their money. street children can earn over $10 on a good day. that's more than jakarta's minimum wage. and a meal at the street vendor
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only costs about 18 cents. the rest of the money is used to go on an internet cafe. he watches videos there to practice his singing. ♪ >>translator: if i sing well, some people will give me $4 or more. >> reporter: but the children that with a proper education when they grow up, they are li they are often caught up in crime, including sex-related offenses. one volunteer organization is trying to help the children get off the streets. its members enter the
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entertainment district to talk with the kids. >>translator: your cheeks are swollen. >> reporter: many children contract infectious diseases due to unsanitary conditions. when this volunteer organization determines that a street child lacks a guardian or should be separated from his or her parents, it places a child in a facility. the children are asked to acquire vocational skills so they can live independent lives. >>translator: it's more fun here than on the streets. >>translator: life on the streets is no good. my friend died after being run over by a car. >> reporter: the volunteers say many children today are returning to the streets because
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they can make more money than before. >>translator: the children know that people will freely give them money. as long as that continues, the kids will choose the streets. >> reporter: for these children, home is the streets. however, they face unstable futures behind their smiles. it's a challenge that they care about their economy grows. nhk world, jakarta. >> that wraps up our bulletin. authorities in south korea are trying to figure out why two
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trains smashed into each other. the collision killed one person and injured 90. the trains collided head on between stations. some of their cars came off the track. police say the trains were carrying a total of about 100 people. they say one passenger was killed and they report 90 people were taken to the hospital with injuries. officers are investigating how the collision happened. japan and mongolia reached a broad agreement to promote bilateral trait in investment. prime minister abe and mongolian president signed an agreement. they say it is a statement that the accord would raise the bilateral economic relations to a new level. the leaders agreed to take steps to expedite the procedure.
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they agreed to scrap the 5% tariff on cars and promised to provide japan with a stable supply of rare metals. they have been calling on japan to lower the import duty on beef. these levees remain at the present level. japan agreed to abolish tariffs on some of the cashmere products such as fabrics and coats right after the agreement takes effect. this is the first economic partnership agreement leaders are trying to work out. nhk world explains why both sides are looking for the deal. >> the country is sandwiched between china and russia and generations of mongoliaens have felt the pull from both sides. they send more than 80% of their
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exports to china. their leaders would like to lessen that dependence and diversify trading partners but they know their country is land locked so they can't export much of their products without using railways that run through china. as a result they sell their gold to china at about half the price that japan pays australia. they are hoping to boost exports by turning to another asian economic giant. japanese wants to get access to resources in mongolia. the coal reserves are said to be the largest in the world and is rich with copper, uranium and gold. japanese managers are keen to getting involved in other opportunities, too, especially in building infrastructure. there may be something else at play, too. mongol ian leaders nurtured ties with counter parts in north
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korea and that may be be helpful in efforts. they will work together to figure out the final details on this agreement. >> time now for sumo. the big men are grappling for glory and competing over 15 days. our commentator is here with a round up on the action on day ten. he was the sole leader after nine days of competition and vying to be the third man to win at least 30 championship titles. he holds the all time record with 32. right now he has 29 titles under his belt. he is 9-0. without question he is the man to beat. facing hiko is 35-year-old fighting with a lot of
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confidence. takekaze comes in hard but he is shut down. now, there is a man not really in contention but worth mentioning. he is orashi. the 22-year-old egyptian was given a chance to challenge each of the three grand champions in nagoya. first on the list was kakuryu on day five. osunaarahi wins with an arm throb. and on the next day he defeated. on sunday osunaarahi was aiming
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to beat hakuho to win all three. osunaarahi gave hakuho all he can handle. it took hakuho hakuho over one minute to beat the egyptian. despite his loss you have to give this young fighter a lot of credit for beating two of the three grand champions. keep in mind this is a muslim holy month of ramadan so osunaarahi isn't allowed to eat during the day so he is fighting on an empty stomach. we will keep you posted on osunaarahi because the best is yet to come. now, let's check out the leaders board after ten days of sumo. we have a familiar face, undefeated hakuho all alone in
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first place. kotoshogiku and takayasu hanging in with one loss each. we will keep watching to see whether hakuho can nail down his 30th championship. i will be back on monday to give you the complete recaps. the rainy season has officially ended in tokyo. drier conditions are approaching as the rainy season has completed. high pressure is controlling the weather and is producing some beautiful pictures like this. this is outside the nhk studios. you can see the blue skies located towards the top of the picture. usually when rainy season takes place lots of clouds and rain to talk about. now that that is clearing out we are seeing the change over. that means the humidity starts to rise and also the temperatures, as well. so you can see here high pressure controlling the
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weather, feeding in some of the moisture. further up towards the north in towards hokaido you will be dealing with more rain because of a stationary front. so look out for that. we are also keeping an eye out for a couple of tropical systems. one is a tropical depression. there have been quite a few frequent storms popping up during the past few weeks. we will watch as we go into later part of this week and next week. matmo is about to make landfall and will be affecting southeastern china as we head into wednesday. rainfall a big part of the picture. taiwan you are likely to see up to 350 millimeters of rainfall just in a 24 hour period. winds at 126 kilometers per hour gusting to 180 and moving northwest at 25 miles per hour. expected to make landfall over
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taiwan during the overnight period and then arriving late wednesday officially into southeastern china when it comes to the center of circulation but the effects are starting to pick up. let's take a look at the americas. we are watching out for a low pressure system down in the deep south bringing heavy rains into the carolinas. another system that clipped the upper midwest, one report of a tornado in north dakota moved to the east. portions of toronto, ontario and quebec dealing with heavy rainfall. very dry conditions in the western portions of the u.s. we are dealing with fire danger weather. dry conditions, gusty winds and drought conditions not creating a very positive environment when it comes to the weather. also concerned about the fire weather down towards nevada and in utah. again, very dry for the western half of the u.s. deep south and also for the northeastern corner into the great lakes dealing with rain and very hot temperatures in the
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central u.s. highs in the mid 30s under sunny skies. we are concerned about heat advisories in the area on tuesday. let's wrap things up with a look at europe. you can see a very clear sign of a low pressure system located near the peninsula and southern portions of europe into the balkans. looks like rain once again with strong weather possible and heavy rainfall expected into southern germany as it has taken place for the past 24 hours and large hail reported on monday into ukraine. that may be something we will have to look out for going into wednesday. very wet conditions into paris and vienna. very dry conditions in stockholm with a high of 25. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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>> people assume all kinds of poses, grappling with something in front of them. [ speaking foreign language ]. it's the highest tower in japan. soaring 634 meters high, the skytree stands in the middle of tokyo.


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